That said, much of learning is experiential so don’t get super hung up on the language spoken 🗣️

Marc Holzman, Guerilla Yogi Paris, Yoga in Paris, France

The explosion of yoga studios in Paris has meant an increase in teaching opportunities. This has been a boon for the city’s many Teacher Training program graduates, but also for seasoned, international teachers looking to experience living and working in Paris, France.

Over the last few years, Paris has welcomed teachers from all over the world — the UK, Hungary, Russia, the U.S., Canada, Spain, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Sweden… This wave has broadened not only what is offered in local studios but also deepened students’ knowledge and practices. A rising tide lifts all boats, and this influx of non-native French faces has enlivened Paris’ yoga community by elevating the level of studentship all around.

What does this mean for you, dear yogi looking for a yoga class in English in Paris? Well, it means that the likelihood of your being able to find a yoga class in English is higher than it’s ever been because most of these international teachers TEACH IN ENGLISH 😺 On top of that, many native-born French yoga teachers are perfectly bilingual, having studied English since they were children and very likely having been trained to teach yoga in English.

Unroll your mat with an open mind and curious nature! And don’t forget to introduce yourself to the teacher before class.


Marc’s class is the one we look forward to THE MOST because his teaching ignites all of the joy receptors in every layer of our being. Each class is a deft weaving together of asana, pranayama and meditation, technical but fun, deep but not self-serious. Inspiring! Marc is American.


Do not let Benoît’s gentle voice lull you into thinking you’ll be doing Savasana for 90 minutes. On the contrary! He will lead you gradually and gracefully, in English and French, through a Vinyasa sequence that builds and builds and… builds! Benoît is French and American, and perfectly bilingual.


A former dancer, Klara is an Advanced Certified Jivamukti teacher whose yoga toolkit also includes studies with Dona Holleman, Maty Ezraty, Simon Park and Krista Cahill. Her sly sense of humor belies the rigor and exactitude she brings to the structure and form of her classes. And the style? Pure Klar-asana! Klara is Hungarian.


There is nothing we enjoy more than a serene morning spent in Kia’s company, flowing through Ashtanga’s Primary series. Our favorite, though, are her monthly Moon Days sessions in which she shares pranayama and meditation techniques that simultaneously expand your lungs and open your mind. Kia is Swedish.


What we like about Alex’s classes is that they feel sunny even on a gray winter day. His teaching is eclectic meaning that you’ll get realtalk, fun playlists, and creative sequencing in the spirit of  NYC’s Laughing Lotus. Alex also provides clear, step-by-step instructions for advanced poses. Alex is a New Yorker by way of Guatemala.