DIY sound baths are possible with a few choice tools…

Sound bath meditation crystal bowls in Paris, France
©Alex Vanagas

A sound bath is a unique, profound immersion into sound, a dreamy concert that triggers successive stages of deep relaxation. The body releases stress, heat slowly spreads through different layers of your being, your mind unwinds.

What we really love, though, is that there is very little yadda yadda yadda! It’s a session that is meditative, liberating, wherein you only have to allow yourself to be overrun by vibrations, harmonies, and percussive rhythms. You are present in feeling, in what is beyond words, and it makes you feel good.

Sound bath meditations are becoming more popular in yoga studios as teachers bring instruments to class, and of course online where, let’s face it, it’s not the same electric full-body experience at all. The happy medium, maybe, is investing in a few well-chosen tools to be able to create your own ambient mood at home.

Sound bath meditation instruments in Paris, France
©Percussion du Monde


This shop is a celestial music laboratory: singing bowls, crystal bowls, carillons, gourds, handpans, gongs, didgeridoos… All of the equipment for an interplanetary concert is here! Come here to experiment and play with different acoustic effects.

👉  34 avenue de la République (11e)

Sound bath meditation instruments and yoga tools in Paris, France


This is the spot for filling up on stones, crystals and minerals such as shungit which has a profound grounding earth energy. La Roche Mère also offers consultations, workshops and trainings to learn how to use stones every day.

👉  7 rue Gambey (11e)


Quartz, plants, oils, incense, adaptogens, herbal teas…:

Herbeus (4e)
One of Paris’ original destinations for palo santo and white sage, Herbeus’ founder Stéphane Gilet is a fount of plant knowledge and is available for private consultation/guidance.
Maison Néroli (11e)
This is the place to stock up on essential and carrier oils. Viengvilay and Gregory only work with sustainable producers and they vet everything that comes through the shop.
Belleyme (3e)
A new entrant into the Parisian wellness space, Belleyme’s state of the art infrared sauna is absolutely delicious, but another standout is the selection of powders and tinctures for well-being and relaxation.
Atelier Nubio Concept Store (11e)
One of the first French wellness companies to trumpet beauty from the inside out, Nubio’s products now encompass cold-press juice cleanses, vegetarian supplements, bone broths, herbal teas and body products.
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