What makes these brands unique is the emphasis they place on their products’ environmental and social impact on the planet…

Where to buy yoga leggings in Paris, France

The newest breed of French activewear brands is more inspired by the environmental impact of fashion itself than by trends in fitness and yoga. Indeed most have sustainability and social awareness hard-wired in their DNA: fabrics are eco-friendly or recycled; products’ entire lifecycle — from birth to re-use — is considered; and there is a focus on giving back locally as well as globally.

Quality and technical requirements, the look and feel of a pair of leggings, these are still essential. What makes these brands unique, though, is their equal emphasis on the impact their products have on the planet, its health and its people.

Kind Yoga

Yoga, fitness, athleisure brands in France
©Kind Yoga

A yoga brand, studio and café, Kind’s mission is to use activewear as a platform for social change. A portion of every sale is given back to social-impact organizations such as Kiva.

Circle Sportswear

Yoga, fitness, athleisure brands in France
©Circle Sportswear

Committed to circular design in which the product’s entire lifecycle is thought-through for less environmental impact, Circle produces sport and fitness clothing and accessories for men and women.


Yoga, fitness, athleisure brands in France

Through a system of pre-ordering and then manufacturing in limited quantities, Asanade reduces waste by producing only what’s needed.

Alma Lua

Yoga, fitness, athleisure brands in France
©Alma Lua

A yoga collection that reflects the sun and surf of Biarritz, and leans heavily on floral prints and sunset colors.


Yoga, fitness, athleisure brands in France

What your workout needs are some gold lamé ankle weights and other shiny, colorful accessories…

Standard Minimalist

Yoga, fitness, athleisure brands in France
©Standard Minimalist

Free of bells and whistles, these are are fitness and yoga accessories that are decidedly low-pro.

Les Actives

Yoga, fitness, athleisure brands in France
©Les Actives

Clothing and accessories for your yoga practice, with an additional line designed specifically for teens.